Mission & Ethics

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Our mission is to deliver the best value for you and your business.


It seems unnecessary, but, given the variety of ways PR professionals are depicted in films, on television and in the media, we have to say it: Our firm does not do work designed to mislead the press or the public. Period. 

We believe the truth shall set you free, and being open and honest about your situation and circumstances is not only ethical, it builds trust in your message and your business. 

Without trust, people won’t believe you no matter what you say or how much you spend. Hence, you already know the saying. Honesty is the best policy.


Your resources, time and talent are valuable. As a result, we won’t promise what we can’t deliver, or accept projects where we can’t deliver our best work.


Human beings are thinking and feeling creatures and we wouldn’t be any good at what we do if we didn’t practice empathy in all things. 

We know in the high-stakes world of modern business, emotions run high and sometimes people have their moments. We are only human, after all.

No matter what happens, we are always respectful and patient in our dealings. You can trust we will treat you like a friend, a partner and neighbor. We hope you will do the same.

However, we don’t tolerate insults, name-calling, threats or other uncivil behaviors that seek to intimidate, demean, exclude or minimize others. Clients, prospects and collaborators who behave in such ways will not receive services.

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