Elizabeth is an absolute powerhouse. Her ability to generate meaningful earned media has produced an exponential ROI in sales. Be ready to put on your seat belt….

Michael forsyth, co-owner, Detroit city distillery

With the onset of COVID-19, our property management team had to work very quickly to develop public messaging and protocols for the varied residential and commercial office buildings we manage in downtown Detroit.  We were referred to Elizabeth at Weigandt Communications for help in putting together clear, concise communications to publish in our buildings and to distribute to our clients.  It was the smartest move we made.  Weigandt Communications was able to summarize both the Governor’s Executive Orders, and the recommendations from OHSA and the CDC, to give us messaging that was completely on point.  Elizabeth took the burden of trying to communicate, while we were managing, off of our hands.  She is a fantastic public relations resource, accessible and great to work with….  Our secret sauce for toning down spicy events.

lynnette boyle, principal, beanstalk real estate solutions

Having Elizabeth working with us has really raised our organization’s profile – we’ve had great exposure on television and radio, as well as in print.  This has translated to more furniture and monetary donations, which is our lifeblood.  Her media relations and messaging experience, along with her reputation and professionalism, have brought us exposure we wouldn’t have had otherwise.

Robert Boyle, Executive Director, Furniture Bank of Southeastern Michigan

Elizabeth is a professional on a quest for more. Searching for the best solution and way forward for her clients, of which I am proud to be one. She shines a bright and intuitive light on the work she does. With a calm and focused cadence, she has answers that are appropriate for the situation. She over-delivers with spot-on tactics and clarity that defines each project in which she engages. Her demeanor is positive and forward-focused – all traits that define a true P.R. professional. We came to her at the last minute of a crucial project for our business. Upon agreeing to the work, she never wavered and pushed us along, and together we delivered with flying colors. The event was a first all-female senior executive panel on sustainability within the automotive space, during the most crucial and media-frenzied press days of the North American International Auto Show. Not only did she pivot us to be one of the most visited and valued events of the auto show Press Week, but she also positioned media coverage and created a lasting discussion long after the event. Elizabeth is an inspirational go-to go-getter that loves a challenge and delivers more than expected every step of the way.

Ivana Kalafatic, founder, 2gather and detroitisit

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